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Welcome To The OD Pavilion Social & Shag Club's Web Site

The OD Pavilion Social & Shag Club's name was selected because the coastal Carolina pavilions were the birthplace of the shag dance.  

So for all of the individuals who love the shag dance, this club is dedicated to honor those pavilions that provided a group of creative dancers to foster and create the dance we love so much.  To date the OD Pavilion located in the Ocean Drive section of North Myrtle Beach, SC is the only one still  open  that supports the shag dance.

The business and purpose of the Club shall be: to promote Carolina Shag dancing in Ocean Drive, SC area and other areas; to provide its members with dance venues and opportunities to associate with others who enjoy Carolina Shag dancing; to publish a regular newsletter for members; to support charities designated by the Board and/or by the membership of the Club; to represent, protect and advance the interests of its members with respect to Carolina Shag dancing;  and to do everything necessary, proper or convenient for the accomplishment of any of the purposes herein set forth; and to do every other act incidental thereto which is not prohibited by the laws of the State of South Carolina.

South Carolina 2002 Code of Laws
SECTION 1-1-665. Official State dance.
The shag is the official dance of the State.


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