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Join or Renew The OD Pavilion Social & Shag Club

OD Pavilion Social & Shag Club Membership Guidelines

The Ocean Drive Pavilion Social and Shag Club is open to all new members having been approved by board member(s) once a completed application and membership fee is received. At this time new members will be sent a welcome letter, be placed in our mailing and email database to start receiving newsletters and club news.  

The following rules are from our bylaws:  

Section 6. Membership Renewal and Termination.

A. Renewal. The Club's calendar year is January 1 through December 31. The Membership Chairperson shall give each member at least 45 days advance notice of the approaching renewal. A member who is in good standing shall be renewed as a member for the next twelve (12) calendar months upon payment of the annual membership dues for the next year, provided the payment is delivered to the Membership Chairperson no later than December 31. Upon the timely payment of renewal dues to the Membership Chairperson, said member automatically shall be a member of the Club for the ensuing year.

B. Termination. The membership of any member of the Club who fails to renew his or her membership in the Club as provided above shall be automatically terminated.

C. Reinstatement. A former member whose membership has terminated automatically for non-payment of dues will be reinstated upon delivery of a membership application form together with payment plus a five dollar ($5) late payment fee of the annual membership dues to the Membership Chairperson.

Section 7. Disciplinary Action.

A. Censure. Suspension or Expulsion. For good cause, the Board may censure a member, may suspend a member, or may expel a member. For purposes of this section, "good cause" shall include assaultive behavior against any person; disorderly conduct tending to promote a breach of the peace; open and notorious illegal or grossly immoral public conduct; and any other personal conduct adverse to the best interests and purposes of the Club.

B. Disciplinary Procedures. In considering and/or implementing the censure, suspension or  expulsion of a member of the Club, the Board must provide the member concerned with written notice that the Board is considering a disciplinary action at least two weeks prior to the Board meeting at which the disciplinary action will be considered and will also advise the member concerned of his or her right to appear before the Board to respond to said complaint. When the disciplinary issue has been raised by a member or members of the Club not serving on the Board, the Board alone has the sole discretion to proceed to a hearing, to dismiss the case, or to take any other action that the Board finds to be in the best interest of the Club.

C. Voting Requirements for Disciplinary Actions. The censure, suspension or expulsion of a member requires an affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of the Board of Directors, with at least eight (8) Board members voting for said censure, suspension or expulsion. The vote of the Board to censure, suspend or expel any member shall be final.

D. Re-admission of Expelled Member. A member who has been expelled from membership in the Club may reapply for membership at any time after twelve (12) calendar months following the date he or she was expelled. The Board may accept or reject the application, and/or the Board may set conditions for the member's readmission to membership in the Club.

We welcome you to Join our Club...for Fun, Friendship and the Love of the Dance and it's Music

Membership Information Contact:
Lionel Harvin, Membership Chairperson

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2018 Membership Application    (PDF)

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